1PP= 1 point perspective
2PP= 2 point perspective
3PP= 3 point perspective
BC= Behind camera
BFLs= Big Fucking Lights
BloD= Balanced on door
BoC= Bounced off ceiling
BoR= Bounced off reflector [or portable wall]
BoW= Bounced off wal
BUMP = Move to top of new unread message list
CL = Camera left
Chimping = Checking the screen
CR = Camera right
CTB = Colour temp blue gell
CTG = Is the one that will help balance strobe light with flourescent
CTO = Color temp orange
Dif = Diffusion cap [ ie stoffen etc]
DOF = Depth Of Field
FCR = Far camera right
LF = Large Format
LHS = Left hand side
LM = Light Meter
LS = Light stand
LV = Live View
MF = Manual Focus, sometimes may mean Medium Format
NCR = Near camera right
oC = On counter
oF = On floor
POV = Point Of View
PS = Photoshop
LR = Lightroom
RHS = Right hand side
RTFM = Read The Fuking Manual
SOOC = Straight Out Of Camera (no post processing)
STU = Shoot Through Umbrella
SXSW = South By Southwest, oh wait ... that's a film festival
TTL = Through The Lens
UFWA = Ultra Freakin' Wide Angle
UWA = Ultra Wide Angle
WA = Wide Angle
WAD = Wide angle diffuser
WC Joint = Wall Ceiling Joint
WW Joint = Wall Wall Joint
WWC Joint= Wall Wall Ceiling Joint

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